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Paper carrier bags are a modern, fancy, practical and ecological way of packaging. Depending on the end use, we can offer you  

the right packaging to cover your needs. Among others we supply paper bags to various retail stores, food and beverage stores,

food industries, hotels, touristic shops, gift shops.  Of course a paper bag can prove useful for any company or individual at a 

fair or in everyday life.

Some of the technical specifications of our paper bags are:

- Sufficient holding weight, fully recyclable and biodegradable

- Up to 8 colours flexo print using water based inks

- Our papers comply to all strict regulations and have the direct food contact certificates

- Big variety of papers to choose (MF white/brown kraft, MG brown ribbed kraft, white coated kraft, recycled white/brown)


Paper is a material which is fully recyclable, degradable and comes from a raw material the wood which is renewable! Furthermore, the paper making process is becoming more and more eco-friendly.

The first kind of paper was the papirus, which appears in Egypt at around 3.000 BC. But the paper, as we know it today, appears in China at 105 AD.

Today, modern paper mills, include automatic procedures using computers in order to fulfill the demands of the customers and protect the environment. This can be achieved by :



50% of paper mills' energy consumption is based on biomass. Biomass is also created during the production process, so by this way, part of the needed energy is covered. In the mean time, European paper mills have reduced their CO2 emissions by 42% per tonne of produced paper from 1990. Finally the water consumption has been decreased rapidly as well. The water is used again and again during the production process and then it is filtered and cleaned under strick regulations.

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Paper is the material with the biggest rate of recycling. Today in Europe the 70% of used paper is recycled. Big percentage of the final paper products come from recycled paper.

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Beyond its ecologic nature, hygienic reasons increase the preference towards paper products. There are hundred end uses of paper, starting from simple newspapers and boards up to modern greaseproof papers. Paper is a product which accompanies our everyday life.



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