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Με τη συγχρηματοδότηση της Ελλάδας και της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης

MG recycled papers 24-90gsm


- White papers in various qualities from 24gsm to 60gsm

- Brown papers range from 28gsm to 90gsm

Semi crepe range from 17gsm to 23gsm

Common applications for both grades are:

- Bags
- Table covers
- Napkins
- Masking paper (car collision repair)
- Single faced corrugated board
- Solid board lining
- PE coating
- Paraffin waxing 
- General packaging purposes

Coloured papers (35gsm-80gsm) can mainly be found in catering products like table covers and fruit and vegetable wrapping.

Doetinchem Paper Production Process

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